The Popularity of Invisalign in Henderson, Nevada

The latest trend in dental and orthodontic amongst adults and teens in the United States is invisalign braces.  The ease of use without the need for the ugly, metal braces of yesterday have caused many people to opt for the invisible invisalign braces. It has come to Nevada, and the popularity of invisalign in Henderson, Nevada is steadily growing.

What are invisalign braces? Invisalign braces are clear plastic aligners that are placed on the teeth like mouthguards. Rather than being fitted to the exact tooth alignment of the mouth, they alter the location of teeth minutely to shift the teeth into that position. Once in that position, a new customized mouthguard is created to shift it more.

The fitting and customization process is generally done immediately. Recent breakthroughs in 3-D technology allow the braces to be printed almost immediately after digitally mapping the teeth. The orthodontist then analyzes the maps, makes the adjustments over a period, and then prints those out out to be used in the future.

Why Invisalign Is Popular in Henderson, Nevada

Invisalign orthodontics have numerous advantages and benefits that are making them popular amongst both patients and orthodontists. First, the printing and planning process involved makes the orthodontist’s job much more easy; they can now plan how they will shift the teeth to for a healthier, better-looking smile from the get-go.

Patients love it because it is invisible. They no longer need to wear the ugly, metal braces that have caused so much consternation amongst orthodontic patients in the past. They simply get the mouthpiece they have to use now, wear it at the times appointed by the orthodontist, and go on with their lives. No one really notices that the patient has braces: they will only notice when the patient’s teeth get straighter.

Orthodontists and patients are opting for invisalign in Henderson, Nevada for the same reasons. The ease of use for both doctor and patients are making this process the go-to for braces. Stop by an orthodontist to see your options on invisalign!


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