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See before and after our work and the life changing results our patients have had.

Roland had a collapsed bite and has had pain for years, Dr Tran did a full mouth rehab which opened up his bite so he could chew and eat properly, she also completed the smile line with crowns and veneers. He was extremely grateful for changing his life.

Janice had been wearing a removable partial for years and was about to lose 2 more teeth, she never liked her partial because it comes in and out so Dr Tran gave her an option to do a fixed bridge and veneers to complete the smile.

Jim and his wife Helen had been coming to us for more than 10 years. He never cared about the cosmetic or "look" of his smile but on his check up appointment his front teeth had larger cracks that will eventually break so he decided to protect them with Lumineers. His wife decided to hers also at the same time.

After many years of braces and retainer Jade was still not in love with her smile so she decided to come see Dr. Tran. She flew out to Las Vegas to get veneers. The process was easy and she has been in love with her smile ever since.

Justin is a friend of Dr Tran's daughters and had such hard time keeping his teeth healthy and wanted a straight smile. Dr Tran placed him in clear aligners and he could not be happier with the results including healthier gums.

Marianne thought is would be impossible to fix her crowding and widen her smile, she always thought she would have to have traditional wire braces and being a professional she did not want to do so. Dr Tran placed her in clear aligners and she was one of our longest aligner treatment plans but she is so happy with the results that she says she tells everyone that will listen about us.

Devin has peg teeth which are a smaller tooth that we are sometimes born with, she was never happy with her smile. Dr Tran designed her Lumineer veneers so that she would have the ideal size and shape naturally. She now smiles all the time and is confident.

Gigi has always wanted a full, white smile. She is a professional model.