Getting regular dental exams is important for every member of your family- especially the kids! When children get a good start with dental health and proper oral care, they are setting the scene for a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth and a bright, beautiful smile. Make sure your kids receive the dental care they need with our pediatric dentistry services at All Smiles By Design!

Dr. Terrie X. Tran specializes in pediatric dentistry, and will make sure your children have a positive association with visiting a dentist. Dr. Tran understands the unique needs of infants and children, and conducts thorough examinations in a gentle, patient and fun way, so kids won’t fear the dentist and will actually be excited to come for dental appointments! Dr. Tran and her friendly, caring Henderson, NV staff are happy and proud to be so many kids’ first experience with dental care, and take their roles seriously when it comes to providing excellent dental care for you and your children.

Pediatric dentistry is essential to your child’s overall health, and can set them up with healthy oral care habits that will last them for life. Dr. Tran will examine your child’s teeth, gums and bite to make sure everything is growing properly. She will also educate both kids and their parents about proper brushing techniques, flossing, and good nutrition to help keep those pearly whites strong and healthy. If there are any underlying concerns such as thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use, or tongue placement issues, Dr. Tran can address them and offer professional advice as well as solutions for correcting and avoiding bad dental habits.

All Smiles By Design of Henderson, NV is committed to providing children and their parents with quality dental care. Our pediatric dentistry practice is currently accepting new patients, and is here for all our patients in and around Henderson who want quality, gentle and compassionate dental care for their whole family. Schedule your child’s appointment for a dental exam today at 702-492-9399 and get them on the road to a lifetime of healthy dental care habits. In addition to pediatric dentistry, All Smiles By Design offers a variety of dental care services for our adult patients, so be sure to inquire about how we can serve your entire family’s dental care needs.

Pediatric dentistry is every bit as important as regular checkups at the doctor’s office. Make sure your children are on track for a bright, healthy smile that they will take care of their whole lives. Call Dr. Tran at All Smiles By Design today!