Is Smokeless Tobacco Really Bad for Me?

Nearly 50 percent of all Americans aged 30 or older suffer from gum disease. That makes around 65 million people, which is definitely not a small number. This is worrisome because gum disease can cause many problems. Receding gums, sensitivity, swelling, bleeding, and pain in the mouth are some of the most common causes of this disease and its many subsets.

In cases where it is left untreated, it can also result in tooth loss. That is why, it is very important to contact your local dentist when you start feeling any of the symptoms.

Another aspect that is just as important is to maintain proper dental hygiene and avoid the consumption of substances that contribute to gum disease. One of such substances is chew, which is smokeless tobacco made by dried tobacco leaves – and consumed by “creative” means even by people in Henderson, NV.

Dangers of Snuff

Snuff comes in two common forms. Dried snuff is inhaled through the nasal cavity. Whereas, moist snuff is consumed by being put between your lower lip or cheek and your gum.

Using the second method, called “dipping”, the tobacco comes directly in contact with your gums. While you can enjoy the distinct hit of nicotine without smoking this way, it isn’t safe by any means. Where smoking can harm your lungs in a larger aspect, snuff brings about the same effects for your mouth. Both smoking and snuff are also highly addictive, which means that snuff really isn’t that great even when you compare it to tobacco.

The Research Doesn’t Lie

Various studies have proven the negative effects of snuff on one’s health. In addition to the many harmful properties of nicotine on the overall human body, snuff and its suggested consumption of nicotine through the mouth has presented grave side-effects for oral health.

Cosmetic changes such as yellowed and decayed teeth aside, snuff can give your breath a foul smell and bring about other long-term problems. You can experience different types of gum disease, starting with symptoms such as bleeding, swelling and pain. If you do not reach out to your local dentist even after stopping snuff, the effects it has left behind can eventually lead to tooth loss.

If You Dip, You Need to See a Local Dentist ASAP

If you find that you are not able to kick the habit yourself, then don’t hesitate from reaching out for help. Contact All Smiles by Design today and let a helpful local dentist assist you in alleviating the problems caused by snuff in Henderson, NV.

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