How Can Dental Veneers Help My Smile?

Do you have several misaligned, discolored, crooked, or gapped teeth? No more worries about being embarrassed about your teeth’s appearance. You can seek a professional dental facility such as All Smiles By Design and get dental veneers. Read on to learn more about the benefits dental veneers can provide you and that will not only improve your smiles but your overall health.

What Are Dental Veneers?

You might be wondering: what are dental veneers? In case you haven’t heard of them, permanent dental veneers, also known as Lumineers, is a cosmetic dental treatment that dramatically improves the appearance of your teeth. Again, this means if you suffer from crooked, discolored, or gapped teeth, then dental veneers might be just for you. You won’t have to hide your smile behind your hands anymore, because this will help regain the confidence you lost by helping you laugh and smile without fear of embarrassment anymore. If you’re wondering about the average cost of porcelain veneers, contact our office and we can answer any questions you may have. 

What to Expect During Your Veneer Appointment

When you come into All Smile By Design, your dentist in Henderson NV will go over all the facts you need to know about this type of cosmetic dental treatment. The exceptional aspect of getting Lumineers is that it won’t damage your natural teeth at all since there’s no need to prep your teeth by shaving or filing the way other traditional veneers do.

These veneers will be custom-made to perfectly fit over your teeth and creating a more bright, white smile. These dental veneers are thin, but durable porcelain that Dr. Terrie Tran at All Smiles By Design will fit on your teeth. These Lumineers are created to match the shade of your natural teeth or brighten it to a whiter smile. It’s up to you which option is best for you.

How Veneers Can Affect Future Dental Health

Applying them is similar to how artificial nails fit over your natural ones, so you can eat and brush just like you usually would. There’s no need to worry your natural teeth will be negatively affected by getting dental veneers. The added benefit is getting to have a beautiful smile each day, making you bolder in your social and professional life. You can go back to the dating world or accept that promotion at work with a happier smile!

However, they are considered permanent since Lumineers can last up to 20 years of you having a perfect smile. You might want to think of all your options before diving into getting such a permanent fixture in your mouth.

If you live around Henderson, NV area, contact All Smiles By Design today to set up an appointment or ask any questions about getting dental veneers. Get dental veneers to change your smile and bring back your confidence once more!

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