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Let us transform your entire look by combining cosmetic dentistry with our expert skin care and spa services for your face and neck. Designed to pamper you, enhance your new smile and raise your self-confidence, our Dental Spa Services can give you the beautiful, customized make-over you’ve been longing for.

Skin rejuvenation 

At All Smiles By Design in Henderson NV, we proudly use Allergan products to give you a glowing, youthful look to complement your cosmetic dental services. You will be pampered and feel rejuvenated, leaving our office with a true facial makeover! Whether you choose to fight the signs of sun damage with IPL, or to relax with a facial peel, our Dental Spa Service has the right solution for you.

Skincare treatments with IPL

You can reverse the signs of years of sun damage on your face in a few easy treatments with a Photo-facial using Intense Pulse Light Therapy. IPL uses bright, filtered light that can

  • Correct uneven skin tone including sun spots
  • Reduce redness
  • Treat broken capillaries (thread veins)
  • Fade age spots (aka “wisdom spots”)
  • Tighten skin

Using concentrated light to correct for sun exposure and the natural processes of aging, IPL stimulates the body’s own natural healing abilities to restore a youthful appearance. Your sun-damaged face will look smoother and healthier with little to no downtime, and minimal discomfort. Show off your new smile with brighter, younger-looking skin!

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