What Dental Crowns Can Do for You

Dental crowns are a powerful part of dentistry. Cosmetic and functional, they’re able to revitalize your smile, confidence, and even fix more serious problems when used appropriately.

Dental Crowns Aid Your Confidence

When your teeth are worn down over time, you may notice gaps forming or an uneven smile. Dental crowns are able to lengthen your teeth, help straighten your smile, and provide an overall cosmetic lift. When you see imperfections in your smile, you’re more likely to feel self-conscious, hide your teeth with your lips when you smile, and tarnish important first impressions. Your confidence is the first thing everyone sees.

Dental Crowns Can Prevent Tooth Decay

If you’re suffering from tooth decay, you need immediate action to save your natural teeth. Capping them off with dental crowns can prevent the spread of tooth decay to neighboring teeth, and help retain the sections of your teeth that still remain. This removes the possibility of bacterial growth and dietary choices damaging your natural teeth further.

They Can Last a Lifetime

If you properly care for your teeth, including your dental crowns, they can typically last forever. Dental crowns can be filled, mended, or even replaced should you need, making them interchangeable and versatile for your life.

Am I Eligible for Dental Crowns?

There are many different types of dental crowns, and nearly everyone is a viable candidate. If you’re noticing wear and tear on your teeth, you have issues such as external tooth decay, or you’ve recently chipped a tooth, you could be eligible to receive dental crowns.

What Are Other Reasons I May Need a Dental Crown?

If you are planning to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, dental crowns typically cover them to provide a full replacement to a missing tooth. They can also be used to hold a bridge firmly in place.

Dental Crowns Henderson Office

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