Dental Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Does the idea of making a dentist appointment make your hands sweaty and heart beat a little faster? When you get to the office on the day of your appointment, do you look at the exits and strongly consider skipping out? It sounds like dental anxiety, but don’t worry, because you’re certainly not alone.

Why Is the Dentist So Scary?
The dentist’s office is frightening for some from a very young age. That doesn’t mean that only children are afraid though. Adults, even the ones that you assume don’t fear anything, can suffer from dental anxiety.

It could be because dentists are often depicted as terrifying in books and movies, and that’s the initial impression that stays. Then, the first time that you go in to sit in the chair, you’re looking at all the sophisticated equipment, sharp and shiny tools, and people walking around with masks covering their faces. It is intimidating.

Even a cleaning isn’t a relaxing or enjoyable experience, and you may have also deal with getting painfully poked in the past. Each time that it happens, you get a little more nervous about going back.

For those that have had a major dental procedure done like a root canal or a tooth extraction, just mentioning the dentist can be the start of a panic attack.

Dental Pain and Procedures That Follow
Even if you are an expert at keeping up with your dental hygiene, dental pain can creep in out of nowhere. When your mouth, teeth, or gums are bothering you, your mind goes back to the other dental procedures that you’ve had in the past, and you may start to get nervous.

Nobody wants to be in pain, but if you’re afraid of the dentist, that stress can multiply itself rapidly in no time at all. The most important thing is to get ahold of your dentist office as soon as you notice a problem, to keep the issue from getting any worse.

Taking Care of Your Dental Hygiene
One way that you can reduce dental anxiety on your own is by taking excellent care of your dental hygiene. By doing so, you lower your chances for needing some of those more in-depth procedures.

There are various sedation dentistry options that the professionals can use to minimize or eliminate pain like local anesthetics or nitrous oxide. Additionally, fully understanding the dental procedure that you’re getting can also help in calming down your nerves. If you’re looking for a trusted dentist near me, look no further than All Smiles.

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